BigoBrain Technology always strives to provide the greatest convenience to the clients. That is why our privacy policy has been determined carefully in order to protect the interest of the people as well as secure our website information. Make sure to go through this thoroughly before proceeding. In case of any discrepancy, you can contact us.


  • We, at BigoBrain Technology limited, are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the visitors of our website, and also users of our services.
  • With respect to the personal data of our website visitors and service users, according to this policy, we are mere data controllers. The means and purposes of processing the data are determined by us.
  • If a website visitor agrees to our policy, that means they agree to the use of our cookies, according to the terms and conditions of this policy.
  • To denote BigoBrain technology Ltd. in this policy, the use of “we”, “us” and “our” has been made.

How is your personal data used by us?

1) In this section, we have divided your data into three categories-

  • Personal data that we maybe processing
  • Stating the source and specific category of the data which is not directly obtained from the user
  • Purposes for which we are processing the personal data
  • Legalities involved with the processing

2) Only the usage data will be processed by us. In this category, many vital information is present, such as your IP address, specific geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, source of referral, duration of visit, number and type of pages viewed, frequency and even pattern of your service usage. Our analytics tracking system determines the source of the usage data.

3) Next comes the account data which includes the user name and email address. For the various purposes of operating our website, this account data can be processed. It is also to ensure the security of our own website and services. Moreover, it also helps to maintain the back-ups of our database.

4) The service data may also be processed by us which includes payment card details, postal address, telephone numbers etc. This is for maintaining the safety of our site information and services. The legal basis of this is a contract between the two parties.

5) The correspondence data, sent to us, by the user can also be processed by us. It is mostly content used during communication or any metadata. It is solely for keeping a track and communicating with users.

6) According to this policy, your personal data will be processed by us on certain, very specific grounds. It is solely based on legitimate reasons and interest of the company, for protection of our legal rights as well as the user’s assertion of legal rights.

7) In addition to that, we may also process your personal data where it is necessary for compliance with any legal obligation, in the long run, for protecting the user’s vital interests.

8) It is strictly prohibited for any user to supply us any form of personal data belonging to some other user unless it is prompted to do so.

What to do in case of providing your own personal data to other parties?

  • You can be sure that your personal data is completely secure with us and we do not, by any means, disclose it to anyone else. The intrusion of a third party is strictly banned by us.
  • Any form of financial transactions, relating to our services are carefully handled by direct bank transfer facilities, cheque, cash and online gateway of payments such as PayPal.
  • As it has been mentioned before that your personal data will neither be tampered by us nor be disclosed to any other third party. However, it can only be accessed under special circumstances where we are compelled to do so in order to protect the assertion of our legal rights and well as protecting your vital interests.

Transfer of your data on an international level

  • You can be absolutely sure that your data is not transferred to any other country. However, due to our development offices being situated in foreign countries, our officers will be able to access your data.

Deletion or retaining of your personal data

  • Personal data kept with us shall not be kept for longer than necessary, after processing.
  • Wherever retention of your personal data is required in accordance with legal compliance, we shall be doing it, keeping your interest and safety in mind, of course.

Required amendments to be made

  • Policies can be updated at regular intervals
  • Any changes made by us; we will make it a point to notify that to the users.

Rights of the users

  • It is your right to instruct us for providing you with any personal information, that we have got about you, under the following circumstances of payment of fee and appropriate evidence for confirming your identity.
  • You can also choose whether we can process any of your data for marketing purposes.
  • You can also have the right to opt out of personal information use.


  • Our use of cookies includes the following purposes- (1) Security purposes, for solely protecting the information and services of our website. (2) Analyze the performance of our website, (3) To store your preferences for the future, also known as a cookie consent.
  • The cookies that are used by our service providers will be stored on your computer, upon your visit to our website.

Management of cookies

  • In the case of most browsers, the visitor can easily refuse, accept or delete cookies according to their convenience. However, this obviously varies from browser to browser, as well as from version to version.
  • However, if you block all the cookies, it may have a negative and unwanted impact on the usability of a number of sites because these are allowed for the proper functionality of the website and is always confirmed by the policies of a company that it shall not be misused in any way.
  • One will certainly not be able to use all the useful features of our website if they block all the cookies.