Benefits of choosing BigoBrain Technology for your shopping cart development project

These days, ecommerce is related to an incredibly profitable market, offering numerous opportunities for almost any business to thrive. Fundamentally, it is far more than just buying and selling merchandise or services online. Hiring the shopping cart development services of BigoBrain Technology is the easiest as well as most cost-effective way to reach your targeted customers. They will erase the geological as well as the time limits, allowing your online shop to be accessible 24×7, regardless of its location.

Why do you need to choose our ecommerce development company?

Virtually, the Web is crawling with dissimilar ecommerce projects, creating a high contest field. Therefore, whether yours is a start-up business or a well-established one, you may need to invest much of your time, money, and effort to offer a strong online presence to your business. However, you have no need to worry much about these factors when you hire our services. This is for the reason that our shopping cart developers have the required skill and experience to make your online marketplaces highly attractive, really unique, and functional. If you are in search of an established and reliable ecommerce development business, then choosing our agency can be the most deliberate option.

We focus on offering custom ecommerce development services, backed by our concrete field knowledge and ecommerce shopping cart application authorization. We offer our professional and dedicated services for online projects at reasonable prices that will match businesses of any type, size, and budget.

Besides the development of a complete range of custom solutions, the areas of expertise of our company include:

  • Shopping cart set up
  • Incorporation and improvement
  • Tailor-made ecommerce features addition
  • Web storefront design
  • Online store performance development
  • Speed increase

Another major benefit of choosing us for your project is that we can offer a devoted shopping cart developer, as well, for you if there is a need. The professional will be assigned exclusively to your ecommerce project, according to your project needs. This outsourcing service is an outstanding option to think about for enterprise-level online projects with advanced needs. This is for the reason that it ensures a higher level of effectiveness as well as faster technical support dramatically in the longer term.

Above all, we are committed to delivering eventual results and 100% work dedication while working on all ecommerce projects to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our capable developers will work with you throughout the process, offering a comprehensive breakdown of all choices, together with the exact period of completion of your project. For top-quality and affordable ecommerce shopping cart improvement services, always think about BigoBrain Technology.

How does our ecommerce development process work?

You may be dreaming about your web store to have the greatest functionality and professional look, yet simple-to-use. At BigoBrain Technology, we are prepared to offer dependable shopping cart growth solutions to you. We are the keen supporters of Scrum improvement practices for turnkey projects and are proud of our capability to build, respond, and refine. For individual modifications, we choose the Waterfall methodology. Your individual demand will undergo six important and efficient stages from the start to the end of your project, irrespective of its size. These stages include:

1. Bringing your dreams to life

This is the first stage of our ecommerce development project. If you have an idea, you want to realize or for a problem, you need support, all you have to do is to send your request to us to get a free quote. We will assist you to see how the process of ecommerce website-incorporation can be easy. Informing us about your business goals will allow us to offer our services in a better way.

2. Collecting requirements

Our project manager will clarify all the required details, wishes, and necessities to you for your project. If we are discussing an already existing ecommerce shopping cart application store, we will get access to your server. We will then check the store backend, its background, and already executed customizations that can influence the new amendment. We will prefer the Secure Shell, as it allows the immediate sharing of information, thus we will be capable of creating a safe test store with your entire settings, database, and customizations.

3. Study and scheduling

During this project stage, our project manager will assign estimation of difficulty and project expansion to a technical expert. The executive will tell you about the price and time outlines and will prepare a complete specification for your project, which will consist of your entire requirements and a complete explanation of the operation of potential modifications. Once the requirement is approved and the bill is paid by you, our developers will start working on your project.

4. Project development

During this process, our backend developers will write code and our front-end experts will create the layout and add design under the supervision of your personal manager. In the developing process of the project, the manager will do a provisional display of functionality, if required. He will then prepare reports on the work on a customary basis. According to your project type, we will use different methodologies to handle your project. These methodologies include Waterfall for changes, design, as well as for incorporation, and Kanban, Scrum for large and long-term projects.

5. Quality promise and code evaluation

Our quality assurance experts will check the functionality of your project to make sure that the work was done according to your specifications and needs. The specialists will also ensure that the change or the interface is consumer-friendly. Each of our development projects is tested thoroughly before they are submitted to our customers.

6. Demonstration and setting up

This is the final stage of our development process. In this phase, we will demonstrate what we have so far done to you on our test server. Our project manager will offer a checklist to you in order to simplify your job of verifying our modifications. Our developers will then install modifications in your ecommerce store.

Now you as well as your consumers can take pleasure in using the innovative functionality as well as the restructured interface.

At BigoBrain Technology, we are committed to offering a number of approaches for collaborating on your shopping cart development projects. You have the liberty to choose your favored approach and payment technique. This means that you can choose either the fixed price model or the Time and Material model.

Get in touch with BigoBrain Technology for discussing your next development project for your ecommerce store.