Every company has a particular set of terms and conditions. Therefore, it is important to state it outright to the clients. In the following description, BigoBrain helps to elucidate their company policies along with the necessary terms and conditions that need to be followed.

What is meant by terms?

It is very important to know what terms are. There are a few aspects that are related to this-

  • Project- This is actually used to refer to the work laid down within the proposal or quotation that is built by BigoBrain technology and is also agreed to by the client.
  • Period of time for acceptance- After the professionals provide the client with the beta version of the project, a period of 30 days is given. In this time, we will try our best to make sure that the project is working fine and will also fix any bugs in accordance with the requirement and quotation that is agreed to by the client. This period of 30 days is also known as the acceptance period.
  • Choice Do- It is very important to keep the client updated on the work progress. In fact, this particular project management tool is also used by the customer to communicate directly and effectively with the professionals of BigoBrain.
  • Addition of new requirements- If the customer wants any new requirements (outside of the ones that were agreed to in the first place) to be added to the project after quotation is been released and accepted, then they can make a formal request. New requirements will be added provided it is possible at that time for the particular project.
  • Inclusion of third party works- This term is solely used to refer to any work, software, script or code that has not been developed under the supervision of BigoBrain or the client itself.
  • Project creep- This is used to refer to the additional changes that have been requested in the project, by the client, after the acceptance period, other than the ones that are agreed upon, in the first place.

Services provided by BigoBrain:

BigoBrain Technology and Solutions will:

(a) According to the specifications of the quotation or accepted proposal, the project needs to be developed and designed by the professionals.

(b) It is also required to integrate the various significant functional features that have been specified in the proposal or quotation and also agreed to in writing by the two parties.

(c) The professionals are also required to keep the client updated regarding the work progress with the help of the project management tools such as Choice Do, E-mail, telephone, whenever it is required.

(d) The client must also be provided legit and easy access to the project for proper trial and testing so that it can be accepted.

(e) Last but not least, the customer needs to be delivered the project within the agreed time frame, according to the specifications of the agreed proposal or quotation and also agreed on payment terms.

Obligations of the customers:

There are certain regulations and obligations that the customer would also have to follow. They have to provide BigoBrain Solutions with:

  • Enough cooperation required by the company to enable the performance by BigoBrain of its duties under this particular agreement; and
  • All the information, documents that are needed by BigoBrain that is required for the project.
  • It must also be mentioned that the client will be held responsible for producing any third party works.
  • The client is required to pay the dues within 10 days of getting the invoice
  • The timeframe that has been decided in the quotation shall be followed. Delay from the customer’s end for providing with essential feedback is an exceptional case.
  • Upon the release of the beta version, the payment is due. In any case, if all the details are not submitted yet, the beta version will be tested as a placeholder.
  • In case, after the quotation has been signed, the client decides to cancel the project, an additional amount of cancellation fee needs to be paid.
  • The charges that have been agreed to in the signed quotation needs to paid by the customer, as per the agreed terms of payment.
  • The client, thus, undertakes to keep indemnified BigoBrain against any damages, discrepancy, liabilities and losses suffered out of the use of this particular project.
Delivery of project and acceptance of the same
  • According to the terms of the proposal or quotation, BigoBrain decides to use reasonable endeavours for testing and acceptance of the project.
  • The customer can check for any bugs or defects in the completed project
  • The client also needs to check thoroughly that all the agreements stated in the signed proposal or quotation, have been fulfilled.
  • If any bug is found, the client is supposed to inform BigoBrain about it, stating the criteria and how it does not work
  • BigoBrain guarantees to take full responsibility and fix the defects if it does not follow the stated terms of the proposal.
  • The project is accepted if the client hasn’t given any necessary feedback within a certain period of time and also if the project is published or used for any purpose, other than testing.
Project Creep and its necessary details
  • If any additional requirements are made by the client after the project has been started and quotation is signed, then it is termed as “New requirements”.
  • It also needs to be mentioned that new requirements will be billed separately at the end of the project, at a fixed hourly rate.
What are the types of projects that are deliverable by BigoBrain Technology Limited?
  • Graphic designs of all categories and type for the project are created by BigoBrain.
  • Fully developed project along with quality testing is submitted to the client.
  • The professionals of BigoBrain Technology Limited also host the project on the agreed server.
  • All the copyright and license are for life, provided the invoice has been fully settled from the client’s part.
  • An electronic copy of the entire project code will be mailed to the client safely.
  • Photographs and icons are displayed according to the terms and agreements of the proposal or quotation.